Who We Are

The vision behind Innovative Care was born during my tenure at Northwestern Medicine in Chicago. I spent twelve years as an emergency medicine physician and associate professor at Northwestern, during which time I received several federally funded grants, and published more than 20 peer-reviewed articles on how to improve healthcare.

My research led me to examine what patients want in healthcare. Unfortunately, I was limited in what I could implement at the hospital. I wanted to create a place where healthcare had evolved. At the urging of my chairman, I took a leap of faith, said goodbye to a stable academic life, and became an entrepreneur.

In early 2015, at the age of 40, I opened Innovative Express Care. Many people questioned my decision to open an urgent care in an over-saturated market, but I explained that Innovative is different, and I remained confident that patients would see this, too.

My entrepreneurial experiment worked, and I am proud to have grown my business each year. What started as a single urgent care has grown to become Innovative Care, a group of medical practices that offer high-quality, affordable, and convenient, medical care. Innovative Care offers treatments that hospitals have not yet embraced (cannabis, ketamine) and makes access to care easy for patients.

Innovative Care brands include:

Welcome to Innovative Care. Healthcare Evolved.

~ Rahul Khare, MD