Need a Primary Care Provider?

Jenna, Meredith, Michelle, and Dr. Shah can see you soon!

Dr. Rinku Shah

Dr. Rinku Shah is a compassionate Family Practice physician who is friendly, intelligent, and has a great bedside manner.

Michelle Nagel, PA

Michelle Nagel, PA is a primary care provider serving the community of Chicago, IL at Innovative Express Care. Michelle devotes a significant time to her patients, and we are lucky to have her here at Innovative Express Care!

Meredith Villarreal, NP

Meredith Villarreal, NP is a passionate, gentle and kind primary care provider at Innovative Express Care. She has had a significant experience with ADD, minor depression, women’s health, as well as, general medical health conditions.

Jenna Benoit, PA-C

Jenna Benoit, PA-C is a passionate primary care provider at Innovative Express Care. She takes time with her patients giving them the highest quality of care.

Bringing Innovation to Urgent Care

Our experienced urgent care healthcare providers are fast, friendly, and can get you the help you need efficiently. Got a cut that needs sutures? We can do that. Maybe a little state-of-the-art surgical glue on that cut instead? Ooh, now we’re talking. Oh, and by the way: you can make an appointment if you’d like (online, by phone, or even by fax), but appointments are never required, and our wait times are often less than 30 minutes per patient. (That’s the “Express” part). Our clinic provides the urgent care you need in a timely manner and at an affordable cost. Don’t want to come in? Try telemedicine!

Medication Refill or General Telemedicine

This is our most popular telemedicine choice.

ADD Evaluations Telemedicine

This is for patients who feel or have been told they may have Attention Deficit Disorder.

PTSD Evaluations Telemedicine

This is for patients who are wanting to get evaluated for post-traumatic stress disorder.

Pain Management Telemedicine

This is for patients who are in our pain management program.

Illinois Medical Card Overview

Are you looking for an Illinois Medical Card?

Get your Illinois Medical Card now from a doctor’s clinic that you can trust. Our patients can now use their own medical insurance to become patients at our primary care clinic. After two visits, the physician may recommend you for the Illinois Medical Card.

We take insurance!

Rachel Sontag, LCSW

Jenna Quinn, LCSW

Jenna Quinn, LCSW is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializing in the treatment of Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and relationship issues.

Olivia Yang, LCSW

Olivia provides mental health services in private practice, non-profit, community mental health, hospital and residential settings to adults, adolescents, children, couples and families, with a wide range of presenting issues, as well as cultural backgrounds.

Jessica Jurkovic RN, BSN: Certified Nurse Injector

Jessica Jurkovic

Jessica has over 15 years nursing experience and started her career in the Emergency Room at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Experience the most advanced, clinically proven, non-surgical treatments for skin, body, and beauty in our state of the art facility: Innovative MedSpa at Ashland and Fullerton in Lincoln Park.

Dr. Rahul Khare and Jessica Jurkovic RN, BSN Certified Nurse Injector have designed an aesthetics/MedSpa service in order to meet the demand that our patients have requested for helping both men and women look their best!

Innovative Pain Management

Dr. Manan Trivedi

Dr. Manan Trivedi, is a pain management specialist. He earned his degree in medicine from the University of Illinois, Chicago. He advanced his medical training by completing a residency in anesthesiology and a fellowship in pain management at the University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System.

Innovative Pain Management is the ideal pain management system, where patients are treated respectfully, where there is a holistic approach, and where medications can be refilled in a convenient manner (such as telemedicine). We have 2 board certified pain doctors to help you improve your quality of life.

Innovative pain management provides a collaborative, compassionate friendly, holistic approach, with a goal of improving the quality of life for those suffering from chronic pain. We understand that every patient is different, and we will formulate a plan of care catered to your specific needs. Innovative Pain Management recognizes that chronic pain is not only a physical condition, but also can burden your mental health as well as your relationships you have with your friends and family. With this in mind, our unique program was designed to address all of the complex issues that are associated with chronic pain by treating the patient as a person and not just as a patient.